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Jet Set Knit Scarf

  • The 1960s ushered in the jet age, and in 1969 Hugh Hefner practically invented the private jet fantasy when he took delivery of a fully customized McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 aircraft. Nicknamed “The Big Bunny," it included a dance floor, a waterbed, a fully stocked bar and a crew of FAA trained Jet Bunnies who wore very smart uniforms, including knee-high boots and aviator scarves. In addition to shuttling Hef and a roster of celebrities that included Elvis, the Big Bunny was also used to rescue 42 Vietnamese infants following the fall of Saigon. The aircraft was eventually sold to Aeromexico and served as a commercial airline until being retired in 2004. Today, the fuselage is used as a classroom in the Mexican city of Cadereyta. These scarves are inspired by the standard-issue uniform style worn by the Jet Bunnies during the golden age of travel. 

    100% Acrylic. Made in USA.
    One-size fits all.

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