Playboy Pride Reusable Mask

$ 15.00
Details and Care

Our first priority is to keep you entertained safely in your home. We understand that you may have to step out for essential tasks, so you might as well look good while you're at it.

Playboy's mission is to create a culture where all people can pursue pleasure - no matter how you identify. Since the 1960s, we have advocated for LGBTQ rights. We have been in support of sexual freedom in the pages of Playboy magazine and beyond. Show your support of pleasure for all, whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community or an ally, with this bold, Pride-inspired Reusable mask.

With sustainability in mind, each reusable mask is created on-demand in Southern California with non-toxic water-based ink and minimal waste. Made in the USA.

Mask Features
- Contoured at the nose
- Adjustable for a comfortable fit
- Two-strap design and soft stretch ear straps
- Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial micro-poly fabric (80% Polyester, 20% spandex)
- Machine Washable
- Available in five (5) styles

Care after each use: remove the face mask and hand-wash with detergent in warm water at a minimum of 80°F, or machine wash on the delicates setting. Hang to dry. Wash hands thoroughly after handling your mask after every use.

Disclaimer Playboy Reusable Face Masks are not meant to be worn as a substitute for sheltering in place – if you don't have to leave your house for an essential errand, stay home! Our goal is to provide an alternative for the general public to the medical-grade masks currently in short supply. We hope to help reduce the stress on the supply chain for CDC-compliant medical masks so they can be reserved for healthcare workers. These masks are not designed for medical professionals and should not be used in treating patients with COVID-19 and are not a substitute for surgical masks.

Delivery: Due to high-demand, please allow 10 business days for shipment

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