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Vandy-1 Alpha Bomber Jacket - Sage

  • Playboy collaborated with Alpha Industries to design an exclusive Vandy-1 Flight Jacket. Each patch was uniquely designed with the purpose of sharing the story of Playboy's longstanding kinship with military units. 

    Design Elements:
    Two of the patches are the same and feature the Vandy-1 tactical call sign and 9 stars to represent the VX-9 squadron. The slightly distorted Rabbit Head logo in the center pays homage to the painted version found on the tails of the jet. The third Vandy-1 patch, found on the right sleeve, features the F-14 Tom Cat which was the last jet to adorn the Rabbit Head logo before being retired in 2006. It is a testament to the VX Squadrons and the legacy that Warrior Flight Team continues to celebrate. The Alpha Patch designed specifically for this jacket features 5 stars on the left and 9 stars on the right. This represents the year 1959 in which Alpha Industries was founded. It sits on the right chest next to the Rabbit/Vandy-1 patch to represent our collaboration and the shared gratitude we have for the warriors who protect us.

    Slim Fit MA-1 Flight Jacket, we suggest ordering a size up.
  • Slim Fit MA-1 Flight Jacket, we suggest ordering a size up.

    Vandy-1 Alpha Bomber Jacket
    XS S M L XL
    Neck 14-14.5" 14-14.5" 14-14.5" 15-15.5" 16-16.5"
    Chest 35.5-37.5" 37.5-39.5" 38.5-40.5" 40.5-42.5" 43.5-46.5"
    Waist 28.5-30.5" 30.5-32.5" 32.5-34.5" 34.5-36.5" 37.5-39.5"
    Hip 35.5-37.5" 37.5-39.5" 38.5-40.5" 40.5-42.5" 43.5-46.5"
    Sleeve 31-32" 32-33" 33-34" 34-35" 35-36"
    Inseam 31.5" 31.5" 32" 32" 32.5"

    Brass zippers

    Indian Orange lining traditionally used for rescue

    Features knit collar, cuffs and waistband - Imported

    Two flap pockets with snap closures, interior welt pocket and Alpha’s signature zippered utility pocket on the sleeve with the red "Remove Before Flight" and "Fear The Bunny" tags.

    The name plate, found over the heart, features a winged Rabbit Head logo and Playboy’s iconic typeface.

    Flight nylon, water-resistant shell with nylon lining and 100% polyester fill.

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